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India is changing and rapidly transforming itself to be a part of the Global Digital World. The Digital India campaign looks forward to get every village and grassroot level element of the eco-system to be a part of the Digital World. To do this we need cost-effective and budget oriented electronic products that would help propel this digitalization drive. Along with this, it is also essential to plan about the Electronic Waste as a result of rising Digital Infrastructure and Products everywhere.

    Key Objectives of Recommerce 2019
  • Contribute towards the Government of India’s ‘Digital India’ campaign by promoting and facilitating cost-effective & budget oriented Electronic Products
  • Work towards managing and reducing the rising menace of Electronic Waste
  • To structure and organize the Refurbished Electronic Products sector and the Re-Commerce Industry in general

If there is anything that fits the bargain of providing cost-effective and budget oriented electronic products as well as address the rising menace of Electronic Waste, it is the silently growing billion dollar industry of ‘Recommerce’ – The Refurbished & Re-Used Electronic Products Market is re-structuring the Organized E-Commerce space by transforming & refurbishing electronic products for a brand new use.

Recommerce 2019 will be the first of its kind of platform in India bringing together the Vendors, Distributors, OEM’s, E-Commerce Players and Customers active in the Re-Use and Refurbished Products Segment. A 3 Day Exhibition along with a parallel 2 Day Conference will give a stage to trade, debate and discuss the existing challenges and chart-out the way ahead for this silently yet a fast-growing sector.

Event Speakers

Recommerce 2019 will host a 2 Day Knowledge and Networking Conference deliberating and
debating on the crucial issues and challenges facing the sector.

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