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What is ReCommerce ? Recommerce Definition | Recommerce Expo 2019

The Idea!

A few days ago, I was clearing up his room and found a lot of unused electronics, which were either obsolete, non-functioning or had worn out. I tried operating one by one and decided to reuse a couple of those items like mobiles and laptops. Some of the items needed repair while some had to be sold. I searched Google for options to reuse/repair/sell the old electronic products. I found that there were certain companies who bought old electronic goods from people, repaired/modified the product and sold them as “Refurbished products”.  An entire business sector rolled out in his searches which relied on recycling such unwanted electronic products, facilitating the concept of “Recommerce”. I soon instilled to learn what Recommerce business was.

What is the meaning of Recommerce ?

The term Recommerce can be referred as Reverse commerce or Re-Ecommerce. It is a kind of business practice wherein old used and unused products, repairable items particularly electronic devices or open box products of the E-commerce industry, are refurbished and channelized by Recommerce companies via online distribution to other companies or customers for further use/selling.

What are the Benefits of Recommerce?

The Recommerce companies provide you with,

Ø  Cost effective and easily accessible electronic products.

Ø  Quality specification, technology, performance and warranty of the product are precisely like that of a new product.

Ø  Wastage of electronic goods is prevented, thereby averting environmental pollution.

Ø  Provides business to entrepreneurs and opens job opportunities to people.

What is the structure of Recommerce industry like?

In India, websites like Amazon and Flipkart, have a proper structure of operation in terms of recommerce business. These recommerce websites provide customers with exchange offers on electronic products. After purchasing the older electronic products from customers, these companies repair and test the items for quality; subsequently upon approval and certification as refurbished electronic products, they are then open for sale in the market of Recommerce, India.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception about the performance and longevity of the refurbished electronic products, while these products are actually open box products apart from only being second-hand, repaired items. Additionally, if you sell your old electronic items, you are given money along with the new product that you have ordered. It’s a perfect win-win situation.

Nowadays, Recommerce business in India is showing a potential growth because of the rise of tech-savvy consumers who are taking intelligent decisions while purchasing any electronic products. This has helped the recommerce companies in India, to establish and grow in the E-commerce retail sector. Recommerce business is indeed flourishing just like any other re-selling business, be it from regular electronic items to healthcare electronic goods.

About Recommerce Exhibition in Inida

Every business prospect looks for an opportunity to reach to people, to connect and to showcase their product/service. Likewise, recommerce business also requires to be publicized, to trade their refurbished products. Therefore, we at Recommerce Expo provide a platform for you to promote your business of refurbished electronic products. Numerous Recommerce website companies are also participating to augment their business to a next level, in this exhibition.

Recommerce Expo 2019, is the first Global Exhibition on refurbished electronic products and the first of its kind, to be held at Manpho convention centre, Bengaluru from 1-3rd February 2019.

Recommerce Expo 2019 not only provides you the platform to promote your business, but it also gives you an opportunity to interact with customers directly and expand your network with peer companies. You may gain a few new Recommerce business insights and also obtain valuable feedback.

So why wait!! Hurry! Be a part of the Recommerce Business at Recommerce Expo 2019, a right place to kick-start or augment your business. Visit for additional information and to explore your chance to grow in the recommerce business.

Venkat Patil