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Dilip Boralkar

Dilip Boralkar

Environmental scientist
Former Member of National Committee on E-Waste Central Pollution Control Board

Dr. Boralkar is well-known environmental scientist of national and international repute. He has done pioneering work in India for evolving methodology of assessment, quantification of e waste generation, tracking of waste movement, environmental pollution problems, etc. and Assessment of Electronic Waste in Mumbai-Pune Area. Dr. Boralkar had been Chairman of Expert Group on E-Waste Management at MPCB and Member of National Committee on Electronic Waste Management at Central Pollution Control Board. Dr. Boralkar is author of a book on 'Waste Minimisation'. Dr. Boralkar is bestowed with the 'Environmental Leadership Award' (2005) by USAID and USAEP and is also a recipient of the 'Paryawaran Bhushan' award (2014) from R.O. MPCB, Pune and ECI, Pune.